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Grandparents are the important members of everyone’s family without them every family is incomplete in itself. Grandparents are important in the formation of their grandchildren’s character and perspective on life because Grandparents have lived through three stages of their lives,childhood,adulthood,grandparenthood. They well know about the life and its ups and downs.

They love us unconditionally: Our elders are always loves us for them no other thing is matter what we do in our life, what type of person we are. They might be disappointed from us but their unconditional love is hard to find anywhere else.

The World Elders Day, a day when we remember the elders and most ‘less talked about’ people around. Lets us introspect what we have done and are doing for our elders, lets take out little time from our busy schedules to let them know what they mean! 29th of September was celebrated   as  Elders Day – a day when we remember the elders in our society and family in our school.

Students of our school organised various event like dance , songs , skit and spot prizes for entertaining their beloved grandparents. A selfy corner was prepared for the winners of spot prizes which they enjoyed a lot. A small greeting card along with a gift was given as a token of love and appreciation from the school to the grandparents.