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Whether it’s a parent singing them to sleep, or the opening theme song from their favourite TV programme, singing plays an important part in a child’s development.

Entering a singing competition can be a good way to help build a child’s confidence. Naturally they’ll be nervous, but we all thrive when we’re doing something we enjoy, and if you’re a singer then performing on stage to a live audience is a feeling like no other! Everyone gets stage fright, but the more stage experience a performer gets, the better they learn to handle those nerves.  A singing competition is a good platform to gain stage experience in a safe  environment.


Singing competitions give children the chance to gain experience performing in front of an audience and on stage. Keeping this in mind Singing Competition was organised for all grades on 22nd of September in the school hall. Mr. Mahi Rathore was present on this occasion as the judge for the competition. At the end of the event he gave some valuable tips to our children regarding singing and music.